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Main Business 主营业务

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Diesel Engine 柴油发动机

Sale Repair Sale-after service

我们提供 整机、零部件销售 维修 售后服务

Diesel Pump and Injector 柴油高压油泵油嘴

Sale(assy and repair parts) Repair

我们提供 系统、零部件销售 维修/再制造

Diesel Engine System 柴油发动机电路系统

Repair maintain/keep in good repair

我们提供 修理 检测/保养

Enterprise core value 企业核心价值

義(Have the Courage to do the right thing)

信(The reputation is the life of the firm)

勇(The fearlessness at the right moment)

Development history 发展历程

Strategic partners 战略合作伙伴

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News 新闻

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We are made our training for XiaMen AirLine at 2021.01.03 .

Mr Gu BoHua have been invited to meet and training for…